Tuesday, September 6, 2011


To celebrate the on sale date of the UK version of Darkfever we are giving away one copy a day for five days!

Each day we'll start a new post titled UK Darkfever Giveaway on my Facebook page and all you need to do to be entered is comment under that post each day.

Here's the publication schedule:

Darkfever 8 September
Bloodfever 13 October
Faefever 10 November
Dreamfever 8 December
Shadowfever 12 January

And here's more info at my UK publisher Orion:


They don't have the image posted yet but I really like how they changed the cover for Shadowfever. They took the stepback from the US paperback and put it on the cover, between the smokebox. So we finally get a matched complete set, in trade paperback size! Only the UK version offers this. Wish I could get it in a boxed set! :)


Big fan said...

I LOVE the fever series!! And I'm totally in love with barrons. ;) I just read all the book in less than one week and now I feel totally alone! I dont want it to be over. lol.

I really love the world and characters that you have created.. (Especially Barrons and mac) The last book seem final but in the end you wrote "the end.. for now" or something like that.. That gave me hope that there will be more books? Please tell me you're thinking about writing more books about mac and barrons?? It should be 40 books not five. :D

Big fan said...

Oh! I just read the post under.. I got my answers. I Cant wait to be reading mor about barrons and his men.. And mac ofc. :)

Sara - Flaming Princess said...

I really hope they will publish a boxed set with the paperback editions. I love them.