Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Contest!

A gorgeous pink Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace!

To Enter:

Post a picture on my fan wall page of who you think best represents Jericho Barrons.

You can only post one picture and can't post a picture someone else has posted. (To be fair, Eric Eterbari can't be nominated, sorry guys, LOL!)

I will pick the 10 pictures I like best at midnight tonight, and create an album of those pictures to post on my wall.

Then everyone has to vote on which of the ten pictures they think is the best JZB.

The person whose picture gets the most votes by Friday, at noon Pacific Time wins the necklace.

(That means if your picture is selected as one of the ten finalists at the end of the day today, you have three and a half days to campaign and convince people to vote for your entry!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now show me your best JZB!


Anonymous said...

This hurts me Karen ...pains me that I can't enter Eric *sobs* How am I supposed to be untrue and consider someone else :(


Jennifer said...

This is a great contest!

Danny said...

This is an awesome contest!!!! I hope my picture gets picked. That necklace is so pretty!!! Would wear it with pride! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry Jenn : (

Roxy *xoxox*

ohhh wait Gandy is sure to win..looking forward to the album.

*B* said...

Well, there are SO many great entries :) Can you tell us where to get that gorgeous necklace if we aren't the lucky lady who wins it?

StacieLeigh1027 said...

I keep going back to your fan page peering over all the sexy pic's! I cannot think of anything more fun to do on Valentine's day (well, we won't go there)! At any rate, James Purefoy - I saw only myself and one other suggest him (different pic's so I hope that's okay - mine was first:). I don't know half the other guys posted but don't mind looking one bit. Lovely necklace, tho! I hope I win it! :) Good luck narrowing it down!

The Original Drama Mama said...

Argh! I wasn't on the computer at all yesterday and so of course missed all the great stuff you posted! Oh well, can't wait to see all the pics entered!

The Original Drama Mama said...

Just have to day, ladies, after looking through the pics - those of you that chose David Gandy really nailed it - wow, does he look like the Barrons in my mind's eye! (Just need midnight eyes instead, but a minor detail overall) I never heard of him before til I saw your pics of him - who is he?