Thursday, January 13, 2011

On spoilers and chatrooms and awesome fans...

I hate to do a post at my blog without a picture and couldn't decide what to use, especially since so much of the art has minor spoilers. I love how the CD turned out. I've mentioned the butterfly motif before...this is the CD face as it is when it goes to the factory to be pressed. I can't wait till you see the booklet! The art is so cool. And hot, LOL! Especially the shot for Just One Time.

On a more serious note: Please understand the only reason we have put the MB on moderated and shut the chat room down is to protect readers from unwanted spoilers. The chat room is impossible to label “Spoilers”. The other night someone who had read the book (from what I was told they work at a bookstore and violated the embargo) was discussing spoilers in the chat room in detail when another person entered, stumbling smack into the middle of a major spoiler, therefore it will be closed until Shadowfever is released.

While some of you don’t mind spoilers—and even want them—many of you are adamant that you don’t want to know a thing prior to sitting down to read.

Those of you who don’t mind spoilers say “Stay off line if you don’t want to know. Avoid the internet for a few weeks.” (I’m not sure I know anyone anymore who can stay off it for a few hours, LOL!)

To which others reply, “Please label your threads clearly as spoilers so we don’t get ambushed.”

I hear the logic in both camps. But my goal is to provide a safe place at my own website for people to continue to share community while waiting. There are many other places on the Net that the people who want spoilers can discuss them to their heart’s content. I have asked that you not do it here at my website before the book’s release. This is safe haven.

Please guys, let’s share the excitement. It’s almost here. The wait is nearly over. I know not everyone is pleased with how I’ve chosen to do things at my MB, but you must remember that I am in the difficult position of trying to weigh the desires of everyone and make the best decision. No, it won’t make everyone happy. Nothing will.

On a more positive note, I’m amazed by those of you who have read Shadowfever already and kept so quiet. I’m honored by how respectful you’ve been. Very few spoilers have been leaked and each time I come across a post or get an email from someone who has read it, I’m proud of you guys. Of us. Of the world we’ve created together online. I’ve always believed a writer draws an audience that is the type of person they are deep down. And if that’s so—wow, I must be amazing, LOL! I love you guys! Stay to the lights—only four more days!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

The Maniac Nation is so excited, Karen Marie!!! Make sure your coffee makers are up to the task, folks! It's going to be a long night :D Insomnious reading for sure!!!!!

Love ya!
Ricki Jill

Tiffaney said...

Thank you for working so hard to make you MB safe and welcoming to everyone. You do such a good job of doing extras to make your fans happy and I just wanted to let you know that it is noticed and appreciated. Also? your books are wonderful and I can't wait for Tuesday!!! Warmest wishes to you have fun in NOLA :-D

traceytax said...

Karen, you are a strong and talented woman. Thank you for making a tough decision to protect the fun and excitement for us that have to wait until January 18th...You know how the old saying goes: "You can never please all of the people all of the time"...but, this whole experience has been GREAT! See you in NOLA!

Pamela said...

I was one of the lucky ones who got an early copy of Dreamfever (the mistake of the tiny island bookstore) but I didn't breathe a word until the pub date. No such luck here in Belgium - will have to wait with the rest of the crew! Karen, you and Diana Gabaldon are the only ones I actually schedule my life around when there's a new release and I'm holding my breath in rapt anticipation!! Thank you!!

Sharon S. said...

You did the right thing with the forum. I don't mind spoilers (I read the last pages of books quite often ) but it will ruin the fun of so many others to come across a spoiler. And that is what this is about, fun...and Barrons ;)

Rae said...

Dang!!! Now I want the spoilers! Makes me a little nutty that someone has read it already. :P

But I do think it is best to shut things down so things don't get out for those who don't want to know.

2 day till NOLA!! 4 days till I get the book in my hot little hands! They are itching for it!

ParanormalBites said...

Karen, will Shadowsong or any other merchandise be available at the NOLA launch? I'm just wondering if I should order online or if I can pick it up over the weekend.

Elena said...

Spoilers...I'm really torn up about this. I want to know so bad, but still want to read it for myself. I guess I should just stay away from any and all temptation. When I hear that others have already read SF, it drives me crazy! I'll survive though until the 18th. Almost here!! You're my favorite author Karen. Love You!!

Anonymous said...

For Dreamfever I was happy for spoilers. For Shadowfever, no.

1. We've waited this long. Seriously can't we wait 5 more days for the whole thing?

2. Why would you want to read 2 chapters, have one question answered and then have to wait 5 days for the rest?

I'm almost to the point I don't want to be online until Tuesday. I will be very upset if someone ruins it for me.

Thanks Karen


TT Gore said...

Absolutely love you lady!!!! I am torn between wanting to know and not wanting to I will play it by ear. In the end I know I will love it either way!

crystalsc said...

I'm glad you care enough to a)keep the MB spoiler free and b) take the time to explain your reasons to us. I'm so excited. My delivery man better not be late Tuesday! lol

H. Mary Cole said...

Sorry about the jerks who leaked details. I am steering clear and eager to read it myself...all in one sitting if I can!!