Friday, October 8, 2010

I had SUCH an amazing time at FeverCon!

Neil and I showing off our shoes. Mine are better, LOL.

My characters come to life--Barrons, Mac and Dead Alina

The stunning Dacia as a lovely Unseelie Princess

Phil trying to keep Eric (White Jericho) and Neil who proclaimed himself Black Jericho from having it out on the dance floor

The black Macs with JZB

These are just a few of my favorite pics! We're sorting through thousands, working on getting some albums together to post online. Thanks to all of you for coming--I'm already looking forward to next year!


Natasha said...

Looked like an amazing time! I wish I lived closer, come to Canada? haha :)

Stacey B said...

It was an amazing time! Thanks to you and the FeverCon crew for a fabulous event. Sign me up for the next one!

Per your recommendation at breakfast on Sunday at FeverCon, I just finished A Knight In Shining Armor last night. It was just as fabulous as you said it was. I was crying like Dougless for the last two Chapters.

I don't know if you read the author comments at the end of the book because she added them in 2002. I kinda wish I hadn't read them right after the emotional rollercoaster of reading the book. It was interesting what inspired the book, but I was kind of surprised by it.

Donna said...

Next year, it's on! Hoping you keep it in Atlanta - I'm a Southern gal.

Dawn said...

Karen, FeverCon was the best time!! I was smiling so much after I got home and it was all because of the awesome people. I really can't wait for next year! Can we "reserve" our places again? The sort of 'loyal buyer' program? :P As soon as I finish the embroidered piece I'm working on, I'll email a pic to Leiha.

I made a bunch of friends there and can't wait to see them all again, maybe on an Fever exchange program. Guests are welcome in CO.

The guys were really a riot and brought a lot of life to our otherwise subdued group.

On a more serious note, I am keeping Moonie in my thoughts and hope that she's doing well.