Friday, August 14, 2009

DREAMFEVER Audio Clip by Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross

We have another teaser for you!

This is an audio outtake from the actual book, with Mac/JZB interaction (get your minds out of that gutter! LOL! The gutter doesn't come until tomorrow...oh! Did I say that?) Do not listen if you don't want to know anything about the book before you read it. Though it doesn't exactly contain what I would call spoilers, it is part of the book.

I was at Joseph Beth yesterday signing pre-orders and saw so many familiar names (Jo, crazy Jo, Stapes, Esther Marie, and many more) on the books! It was a total blast. I felt almost as if you were all sitting around me (with duct-tape over your mouths of course, because I wasn't being bombarded with questions). I can't wait to meet those of you coming in for the signing, and see familiar faces. I can't thank you enough for your support of Dreamfever and for helping independent bookstores like JB hold their place in the publishing world.

I hate to move from a happy note to an unpleasant topic but I have to say it, at least once.

Lately I've been hearing from authors and publishers that internet piracy of books has become such a significant problem that it’s destroying careers. Midlist authors are losing contracts because so many people are stealing the book instead of paying for it. Great new voices are being lost before they even really get to begin. I may be a hopeless idealist, but I believe most people don't think "Gee, I'm stealing a book." Rather they think, "Well, if it was illegal, surely someone would stop me, so it must be okay."

Unfortunately the Internet defies anyone's efforts to stop it. For every ten illegal copies pulled down, a hundred more go up. Passing a book to a friend is one thing. We all do it. But uploading it so thousands, and in some case tens of thousands can copy it? What are these people thinking? Do they want the authors to lose their jobs? Do they think authors shouldn't get paid for their work? I don't get the mind-set. But then I've spent most of my life working two jobs.

I think people don’t realize the crippling impact of what they’re doing when they download an illegal copy of a book, so I’m going to share a bit of personal information.

At a single illegal download site last month, over 70,000 copies of three of my books had been downloaded. 70,000 at one site! Does it hurt me financially? Yes. Will I survive it? Maybe. It depends on how much worse it gets. (Then there's the whole emotional component: creating springs from joy; to watch what you've created get stolen nihilates that joy. It's a tough tangle of emotions to balance.) Will less-successful authors survive it? No, many of them won’t. Many of them will lose their contracts, or quit writing because they can’t afford it anymore, and some will give up the ghost simply because they can't bear to see their hard work stolen. It is theft.

I love libraries. I love used book stores. But uploading books illegally so hundreds of thousands of others can download them illegally is wrong. It’s a violation of copyright, it’s illegal and it must stop. Illegal downloads end up driving prices higher for the actual book, and consign wonderful new voices to oblivion before they even get a chance to perfect their craft. I don’t know which bothers me more: the idea that I could lose my job, or the thought that there are fabulous storytellers out there I may never get to read because their contracts get cancelled due to poor sales. I love you guys and know you aren’t the ones doing it.

What I’m asking is that you raise the awareness of someone you know that is doing it. Save the midlist writers that may be the next Stephanie Meyer or Stephen King, and give anonymous theft a kick in the petunia!

If you come across a site offering illegal downloads of my books, please let us know at

I'm hopping off my soapbox now.

I hope you love this clip! Stay tuned for a newsletter tomorrow or Sunday with something scorching!

Happy listening!


Dreamfever clip Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante


bluedragonfly81 said...

Whoa!!! I have no other words right now...

Susie said...

OMG!!!.... I can not wait until Tuesday!

Renee said...

Sooooo looking forward to Tuesday!!!!!!

tbrown said...

wowsers!!! That was intense! Tuesday Tuesday, can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Book piracy is becoming a HUGE problem. I know a few authors personallly and it kills me to see their works get stolen.

And OMG, I can't wait to listen to the audio of Dreamfever. I plan on reading the book first and then listining to the audio. I ordered the both.
Phil is the best!

Sue Z

Hailey Edwards said...

Book piracy is a major problem, especially for ePublished authors.

I've seen "pirates" go as far as to scan the individual pages of a paperback book to create their torrent files.

There is no excusing piracy, and I can't believe people don't realize it's wrong to steal another person's work.

There's not much else to add without stepping onto the RWA Change platform, so I'll leave well enough alone.

Karen, I can't wait until Tuesday. I'm so excited to have the next instillation of Barrons... I mean... Mac's saga *winks*

Liberty said...

Oooooh He LET her inside his head. Hm...
Love the voices!

I had no idea book piracy had gotten so bad. I haven't had heard much of it but I will spread the word! I'd hate to see my favorite authors lose their jobs or not be paid for their work. I know I'd be upset if that happened to me.

mindy said...

:) super excited . . . STILL!!!! teasers are a bitter sweet thing . . . Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Woah, I didn't know book piracy had grown into such a big problem. It's sad to hear that new voices are being crushed out by piracy. I hope this post helps spread awareness on the matter.

On the audio clip...

OMG they sound SOOOOOO good! I really loved Joyce's reading of the book, but these two sound really good togther too! Holy god, is it the 18th yet???


T. M. Sulsona said...


Ave said...

::whistles low:: (I can't actually whistle, but you get the idea!)

You guys just keep piling it on thicker and thicker. No chance of your maniacs losing any interest!

Ellie said...

I'm just getting ready to listen to the audio clip (thank you!!!), but I wanted to comment first on the book piracy. I am a graphic designer and have to deal constantly with people stealing my designs and using them however they please and sharing them on file sharing sites, either because they don't understand that it's wrong or because they just don't care, so I totally understand how frustrating and upsetting the whole book piracy thing is for you and other authors.

I have all of your books and CANNOT WAIT to add DreamFever to my shelves! Tuesday can't get here quick enough for me!

Tempestous.Lolita said...

"and now you think you're the shit."

That cracked me up. I can't wait to get the book!!!

Ktamsor2 said...


I know I agree with one poster who said she would read your grocery list off the edge of the newspaper you scribbled it on. I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! Some one should give you a golden award to put on your mantle just for making us drool with anticipation like this. LOL, I just KNOW I'm going to die waiting for your next book.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with the piracy issue but have to point out one thing. I always buy books if they are available online or in the shop but if for some reason they are not (and i usually look pretty hard), mostly due to country issues I end up downloading it. It hurts me too, as i really like to read and feel i should pay for the book but i want to read it and it is not available through legal sources...

Kelly said...

The internet is such a double edged sword. On one hand it brings many readers to the writer and gets them connected... on the other it offers a wide variety of ways to break the law. Unfortunately, the internet is getting out of hand and I don't think anyone knows of a way to stop pirating, of any nature for good.

I personally am saddened at the situation artists are finding themselves in and truly had no idea of the numbers of illegal downloads of book texts that can cripple a writer. I for one, love to cuddle up with a bound novel and deem them personal treasures on my shelves to read over and over again.

Can't wait to meet you on Saturday in Cinci!

Evie said...

I didn't realize internet piracy of books was going on. Shows you how innocent I am.

Besides not downloading ourselves, how can we help?

I love, love, love your books and will be at Borders 10AM sharp on Tuesday to get Dreamfever! It's the highlight of my summer! I can't wait.

Be well, Karen and looking forward to seeing Dreamfever on the Bestsellers Lists!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! The voice of Barrons sends shivers SPINE!! I have to say I WANT MORE!!

Obsidian Bookshelf said...

Hello, Ms. Moning, what you say about internet theft is absolutely true. I've had people coming to my book review site, searching on "free download Dreamfever". Then I read your words about internet theft as excerpted from this post (with author credit and link back) over at Erotic Horizon blog. Internet theft is a terrible problem. Thank you for posting about it. I think you're right that it's a matter of awareness and getting fiction fans to recognize that basically whenever they participate in these vast upload/download sites they're taking away the money some writers need for health insurance and possibly stealing food out of the mouths of some writers' kids.

OkiHibiscus said...

I can't beilieve all that crap. I love reading and would be devestated if there was an awesome new voice that we didn't get to hear because of it. Apparently some other very well known authors have had the same problem. And one so much so that she stopped writing a book because she felt that she could'nt go on because people had seen part of it before it was ready... And she is not sure if she'll ever finish it. It makes a tear come to my eye. And anyone who is doing it should be ashamed of themselves!

Anonymous said...

Theft is theft, that's true.

However, it's wrong to assume that all illegal downloads would otherwise have resulted in sales. A lot of people download books they would not purchase. And then some choose to buy a book after the download.

Authors and booksellers should see an opportunity in this too: have more paid download options available. For example, Barnes & Nobles has an $9.99 download as an option - but nobody else does. For some people, a book they will quickly gobble in one evening and not come back to, is worth the same price as a cinema ticket - i.e. they will never pay the hardcover price.

I would also add that a lot of people currently discussing the book on Amazon feel no loyalty to an author who breaks a 2-book story into 5 (for profit?), where the books can't really stand on their own.

ann said...

Shame on you "anonymous." Who are you and the nameless "others" on to insinuate that Karen Marie Moning is purposefully drawing out the Fever series to generate more profit?

Do you go to work every day as a volunteer? Are you independently wealthy? Would you do your job if you didn't get a paycheck at the end of the week or the month? Are you so good looking that you purchase things with your wickedly awesome attractiveness? Do you think you should get everything you want for free?

I used to work in a small academic publishing house. Our clients were mostly professors, and the amount of money we were able to offer authors was usually less than $5,000.00 total for a work that they sometimes spent years writing. At the University Press level, we justify this by saying that these authors already have a day job & that the publication will help them gain tenure - "publish or perish" you know?

But fiction authors don't have day jobs with benefits a lot of the time...and even if they do, why shouldn't they be paid for their work?

I like all of the Fever books, and I don't mind that there are five of them. I bought all 7 of the Harry Potter books, all 7 of the Narnia books, all 10 or 11 of the Sookie Stackhouse books...

You're just trying to justify your own stealing so that you don't feel like you've done anything wrong - and that's just not okay.

Karen Moning has enough to worry about without you making her feel bad. You make me mad.

Monica said...

I couldn't agree more! My husband and I are published authors and we have also been the victims of online piracy. It's not only a hurtful, personal violation, it's quite harmful financially as well! Karen is right to bring this up because the situation is just getting worse, and it's due time people understood the harsh, negative impact illegal downloading has upon authors.
The agreement a given author has with their publisher varies, but believe me, the author doesn't get every dime from the sale of their books. They only get a percentage of total sales, and the publisher often gets the lion's share. In addition, many contracts include a clause that in the case bookstores return overstocked, unsold books to the publisher, the cost of those unsold volumes comes straight out of the author's royalties.
It's harder than people think to make a living as an author--- even a bestselling one!
Go Karen!