Monday, May 11, 2009

This is an entirely personal post and for those of you who

aren't nature enthusiasts, you'll be bored. :) I love Spring and in the northern hills of GA, it's incredible, especially since our house backs up to a national forest preserve and we've got five acres covered with wild azaleas and mountain laurel. This year, I've become obsessed with my garden of red lillies. My camera isn't nailing the true blood-red of the blossom. They're almost too red, like heart-blood and if waxy, sweet and virginal magnolias were Mac 1.0's love, these bloody blossoms are definitely what Mac 4.0 would have worn to prom. With a sexy little black number and blood red heels. Before she blew up the high school, LOL.
That's Moonie--thanks to all of you for asking about her! She was a rescue that the Vet told me wouldn't survive a year when I found her--fifteen years ago, happy 15th to my girl! She has a few problems (CRF, heart issues) but she's in her stalky element up here, chasing foxes, snakes and bears, or just sunning on a warm stone. The two on the bench were taken in early April, before everything bloomed. The other is in front of a splash of mountain laurel.
Stay tuned for the May newsletter in just a few days! We've got some rocking news about an upcoming event in June and an excerpt in a fun new format that I think you all will love!
Also, another chapter from The Lady Lies is on the way...


Amanda said...

Aw Karen they are so beautiful!!

Glad moonie is doing ok! Thanks for letting us know!

Can't wait for the newsletter

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Karen!

The floral pics are gorgeous, so vibrant. At first, I thought they weren't real.

Moonie is beautiful, such a proud wee feline! Thanks for sharing her wonderful pics!

Looking forward to the May newsletter and a chapter of The Lady Lies....

Dottie :)

BethC said...

In the first pic it looks like Moonie is staring out at the adorable! I have a cat that is 14 and is healthy as a horse(okay, maybe that wasn't the right wording but you get the point;o).
Looking forward to the new newsletter and the Lady Lies!
Thanks for taking the time to update:oD

Samantha said...

It makes me miss my cat! (I am away at college and she is at home with my parents.)

Yay! about the new chapter and the newsletter... :)

Debbie_D said...

Beautiful lillies and I love azaleas too. Unfortunately mine died years ago & I haven't replaced them.
I love seeing pictures of Moonie, she's so pretty and reminds me of my cat Percy.
Can't wait for the newsletter, already trying to make plans to come in June (just hope it's not while DH is away)

tbrown said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! So nice to wake up to that beauty everyday. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie H said...

I'm a nut about nature, too! I'm so glad Moonie is doing well. She is a beauty and doesn't look a day over 4. LOL

I'm glad you're back in Georgia, it will do you wonders being able to get out into nature and soak up some sun. Hugs

bluedragonfly81 said...

aww beautiful pics! Moonie is adorable, glad to hear she is doing well!! sooo excited for the newsletter and another chappy!! xoxo

Bonnie Penny said...

Love the pics and glad Moonie is doing better...everyone loves to be home including Moonie...can't wait for the newsletter...i am going to make this event one way or another...thanks for all you do for us...bap7249(bonnie)

analisa said...

Lovely place you have Karen !! I'm glad Moonie is back, she's so photogenic !! The camera loves her, LOL. Can't wait for the newsletter, I need my fix of your writing !!!

Melithe said...

Thank you so much for showing us this personal side of you. What a beautiful view you have and I need you to teach me how to grow such viberant flowers. 'em!

Moonie is beautiful and looks soo very happy. I have a couple of rescues myself, they love you even more.

Thank you for the pictures. They are gorgeous.

Sunbunny said...

Oh, I just love the pics! I live in the foothills of north Alabama and every Spring I take pictures of all the trees and my mother's beautiful ivy, roses (of all colors!),cannas, and all the yummy fruit trees! I use the really nice pics as a slide show in my computer.

Sherri said...

Beautiful photos! Drooling over your view.

Glad to know Moonie is doing well.

ssdow said...

I love the very first one! The way my attention is drawn to centre of the lily is great because it's in a perfect position in the photo.

Moonie looks so relaxed on that bench. I almost think she is daring someone...anyone to join her. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful. I'm a lily person myself and whenever I see them I find that I'm always stopped in my tracks.

With those I definately would have been stopped in my tracks.

Love the shots of moonie too.

Highlander's Lass

Catie said...

I am very happy to hear Moonie is doing well. I recently lost my 16yo darling tabby to hyperthyroidism and chronic renal failure so I understand how heartbreaking it can be to see them sick. But she looks beautiful and happy and thats wonderful!!!

CrochetingPixy said...

I Love the pictures of the flowers :D And Moonie is Gorgeous. Glad she is feeling better