Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have a winner!

You guys are amazing!

Congrats, Robin Wright, you won the Juicy ring! Good work! Please email your address to

I said, Your mission: Find and decipher it. Tell me what I hid, and what it means.

Cait, aka tuskino_aiko came close, first, but didn't get it right. She recognized the runes but read them backwards.

A few minutes later, S. Fitzmaurice translated the runes right, but didn't know what it meant.

A few minutes after that, Robin Wright said: "Ogham letter. Ogham being the ancient Irish alphabet, but mostly translated using the similar alphabet of Basque, making a lot of the old Irish translations confusing. Anyway, it translates to the word Zigor, which in Basque means "Punisher".

Then, about thirty minutes after Cait's first try, she emailed again and said, "I got it. It's JZB's middle name. I was reading it backwards before. ZIGOR, Gender masculine, Usage: Basque, means "punishment." JZB is Basque and Pict!

Cait and Shawn, nice work! Choose from a signed copy of HC Faefever or Bloodfever and email me your address to send it to.

There's actually some debate over whether Zigor means "punisher" or "punished" in Basque.

Zigor is JZB's middle name.

Thanks for playing!


BethC said...

Holy cow! I was no where close! lol

Anonymous said...

Does the finishing of Dreamfever mean that there's another Lady Lies chapter?

Diana said...

Oh my god, i knew that those marks has something to do with it, but i had no idea what they meant, let alone how to translate them. Too bad, but congrats Robin, nice job! Also, thanks for finally telling us Karen! ;)

Michelle St. Clair Creative Designer said...

I got the same answer but I guess my email didn't reach there first...

Jewelstir said...

That was great!!! Loved playing along.

Congrats to Robin!
ps - Karen, you realize you have gotten us all in another tizzy, right? LOL

nightdweller20 said...

I was nowhere near being right either lol.

Yeah, I think it's time for another chapter of The Lady Lies, don't you? :D

Fever said...

Wow that's really interesting. Congrats Robin, Cait and Shawn great job!!!!

Carol L. said...

Congrats Robin,
MIseed this but I would never have gotten it. :)
cAROL l.

Ely said...

Wow! I knew it was the Ogham letter, but I don't know how to translate it... anyway, it was a funny way to give us a teaser ;)
Congrats Robin!

BethC said...

Another Lady Lies Chap, please? you gotta give us SOMETHING to keep us going! August is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time away!

Lissethe said...

Congrats! Yes I was nowhere close either! Arg!

So does this mean we can get more Lady Lies? :)

Jessica Kennedy said...

I have no idea where or what this is! Can someone explain to me? Where on the cover is this said "rune"? I must be blind!

Jessica Kennedy said...

Thanks to Mireia for emailing me! But I still don't understand! :(

I'm so sad.

Joanne said...

Was it the scratches on the bell tower. I'm trying to figure it out but like Diana, I had no idea what they meant or how to translate them. I just want to know if I was looking in the right place.

Great one Karen. Makes us work a little for our teaser/clue. ;)

Anonymous said...

Whew! I was waaayyyyy off. I saw the makings but I just assumed it had something to do with maybe Mac was marking the hours days she spent in the tower??? Is anyone else seeing faces in the clouds or do I need to see a opthamalogist?? Or maybe a phycharitrist?

Shannon H.

Shawn Fitz. said...

Haha, I felt so silly when Leiha emailed me back and said that it was Barrons' middle name. I should've known! But noooo, I was like, "What the heck is Zigor?" D'oh!

It was great fun and I feel a little important now that my name is on Karen Marie Moning's blog! :)

Becky said...

*smacking self on forhead* Now, I would have never guessed that! I don't know enough about runes and ancient languages! LOL! That was a good puzzle, Karen... I have to give you credit there!

Congrats to those who figured it out!

And now we have one more piece of the intricate puzzle and no idea what to do with it yet! ;o)