Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

And happy birthday, Jericho Barrons! (One more year. That makes you how old?)

I envision Mac baking Barrons a pink birthday cake and I laugh.

I’ve always loved Halloween, every superstitious, mystical, over-the-top thing about it. It was never about the candy for me. It was about getting to pretend to be something else, anything else, and dressing up. It was the feeling in the night air that anything was possible, that there really was a crack between All Hallows Eve and Samhain, when something otherworldly might slip through. Or maybe, I'd slip through myself.

There’s also the small fact that the day following Halloween is my birthday, so I not only got to pretend not to be me, I got presents, too. LOL.

Tomorrow I turn 43. I’ve always been a late bloomer. When I got married a few years ago, I thought I’d be pregnant by now, but Lyme disease sure put a halt to that. I tell myself a lot of women have babies later in life and that I’ll be fine in another year. Birthdays make me think of dreams won and lost.

So, two questions for you: What will you pretend to be today? And what dream do you most wish you could make come true?


Libby Loo said...

Happy (early) birthday, Karen Marie! Presents and pretending to be somebody (or something) else make for a kick ass birthay :) Best wishes to you!

The idea of Mac making JB a pink cake cracks me up. I'd *pay* to see the look on his face when she made him blow out the candles.

Since my kids bring out my inner 7 year old, I don't actually have to pretend to be a kid again, but I'll ACT like I'm pretending LOL. As far as dreams coming true, I just want to finish college, some days I feel like this part of my life will go on forever!


Cayla said...

Wow those are some tough questions. Well I'm not dressing up in any costumes today, but maybe I'll pretend that I'm someone who knows what she wants to do with her life -- since that is so not me. As for a dream, I wish I wouldn't have to worry about making money, or going to school, and that I could just go out and do what I want to do -- save the world.

Amy said...

Happy Samhain Karen...

I'm not dressing up today.. And if I did it would be at the very, very last minute..
If I could have at least one of my dreams come true would have to be. Publishing just that one book that people would like.. Other then that there really.. Ok, I take that back... I would love to find that perfect man who can make me laugh.. I'm not in a hurry...tap.. tap..

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Karen!(And JB,I would love to help lick your frosting,yum!)Or sorry! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your wishes come true!
P.S. Don't worry about the not having kids till later.My mom had trouble getting pregnant and had us later in life.So, be prepared there are 4 of us!LOL

Ashley said...

Happy early birthday Karen! I'm not dressing up today, but I did yesterday at work to greet had out treats to the little kids at the mall. I dressed up as Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean. I think she would get along well with many of the heroines from your books. If I could have one of my dreams I would love to become a successful author like yourself!

Debbie_D said...

Happy early birthday Karen! (Happy birthday to JZB too)

Tonight I'll probably wear the Vampire costume I wore to last weekend. As for my dream, there are actually a few. The first is to finish college (I finally know what I want to be when I grow up); the second is to watch my children grow to be happy, loving and responsible adults (means I didn't screw up while raising them LOL); and last is to write a book (it doesn't have to be published, I just want to write it for myself).

Debbie H said...

Happy early birthday, Karen. I hope your day is full of wonderful surprises, love and fun!

I won't be dressing up tonight, don't want to scare my granddaughters. But I will be handing out candy!

My dream is to get to Scotland, meet some wonderful people and one in particular, finish up a book I started a long time ago and see my grandchildren grow up strong, healthy and happy in their lives.

Oracle said...

Happy Halloween Karen. Happy Birthday Jericho. Happy pre-birthday, Karen!

Today, I'll fake it until I make it. I'll pretend to be and have whatever my heart desires and hopefully it will come to me...I'll be a kid again and be free to dream from now on. Halloween is my line of demarcation between a cautious, concerned life and a new life that I am creating of dreams fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. Anyone wanna play?

strawzenberry said...

I really like the dark side of halloween the best. Most of my costumes in that past have reflected that. Work doesn't want us dressing up though so no costume for me. Maybe later when we take my daughter trick-or-treating. She is being Mulan, I'm so proud of her for picking a kick-ass gal! (Though I think it was the pink in the costume that made her want it - I think I have a little Mac on my hands- haha)

My biggest wish is to finally be settled in. We have moved around houses and jobs and states so much the last couple years I am ready for some calm!

Happy Birthday Karen!
Thanks so much for the image of JB with a pink cake!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for your wonderful writing talent! I am enjoying (and purchasing) these books as well.
As far as marking a year, I can only tell you it gets better. And that our life without our own little replicas, is not so bad. But good luck on that front as well.
Happy All Saint's Day!!

Liberty said...

Happy early birthday Karen! Hope you have a wonderful one and get everything you wish and dream for. :)

This is my first Halloween to dress up, it's my favorite holiday, I love it even more than Christmas. This year I'm pretending to be a Celtic warrior princess. lol
The one dream I wish I could make come true the most is to live a happy, fullfilling life, a life full of adventure something more than just studying and reading (textbooks) every single day. I want a real life. :)
Happy Hallooween!

*Lots of Love*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jericho and Karen!!

Karen - your books have changed my world! You are incredibly talented!!!!

I tried to think of what I would wish for and too many thngs come to mind......most likely I would wish that my children never had to suffer heart ache, or disease, etc. but I know we learn from the negative in our life so it might not help them so much, lol....


anna said...

Happy birthday Karen I love this time of year in my younger days we did not dress up on Halloween Its was the night before Witch eves night witches and warlocks trolled the night making mild mischief collecting apples and caramels home made treacle toffee oh I can feel the cavities now .
My 1 wish if I could change it would be to have a child not being able has been life changing for my DH and I but we adapt and come to terms and are very close to each other....
Have a wonderful day and eve...
Alba Ann

Bo said...

Early birthday wishes for you Karen! We are all pulling for you to get well ASAP & have anything your heart desires :)

I'm trying to think of something to put together at the last minute,but I think I will just throw some black on w/ my leather coat & look sinister when I hand out candy *G*

I want to stand on Irish soil in my bare feet,and just be.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Karen and Happy Birthday! Wishes do come true, I'm sure all your wishes will come true in time.
What will I pretend to be today, a very energetic mom ;) What dream do I wish that I could make come true; have enough money to spend a month or two in Scotland and Ireland w/ my girls.
Have a great day Karen, and that you will win your battle w/ Lyme disease very soon.

Melonie said...

Happy Birthday Karen!
I have to admit I have always been curious as to how old you were, so thanks for being so open about yourself. I guess what I was really curious about was how old you were when your writing career "launched."

My biggest dream is to achieve a writing career much like yours is - so I guess it's not too late for me on that front! It's not too late for you either. Two of my 4 year old daughter's best friends have mommies in their late 40's.

Maybe the timing just isn't right yet, and you need to get the Fever series finished and out of your system before embarking on the journey of motherhood.

Thanks again for all the spellbinding hours you have given your readers - may your fondest dreams come true.

And your comment about the JZB cake got me thinking - what would a man like that wish for? Besides possession of the Dark Book, of course.

jubes / jubilee said...

Happy Birthday Karen & Jericho!!!

I thought Jericho's Halloween Birthday was just a joke on his part.

I hope your health is improving! A lot of women these days are having babies later in life because many of them are focusing on their careers. Some women (actresses with set schedules) seem to time the pregnancy too, using infertility procedures.

This year I'm going to try to pretend to be a good student & study & not reread DF & BF for the 12th time, because I have a quiz tomorrow LOL

A dream I'd love to realize, is to be completely independent & strong as a person.

Happy Halloween!

Lucy said...

My dream came true 5 years ago when I opened my own bookstore! Now, I'd say, bring on more books and plan to expand my business :)

Happy Birthday Karen!

MeShelle said...

Happy Early Birthday Karen.Wow those are two loaded questions. Ok so the first one. I love to pretend to be something otherworldly. I was used to love to dress up as a witch or fairy when i was younger. Even till this day i do that. I usually go for fairys, or nymphs. As for the second question, well it would probably have to be to be able to one day have kids. I have a problem which its difficult for me to gain weight. I have to constantly pig out. While some are probably saying ' lucky,' or 'thats not a problem' truth is because of that i have about a 8% chance of having children. Dont ask me what one thing has to do with the other cause i dunno. But yeah... Theres your answers... Happy Halloween Karen.

Desertwolf said...

Happy Birthday Jerricho! Happy Birthday Karen! THank you for all the wonderful stories!

Tonight I'm going to pretend to be a novelist, a successful one. My fondest dream is to write and publish a novel of my own.

Happy Halloween

Lorie said...

Happy Birthday!
What a gift, as of this morning, BF was #9 on the NYT bestseller list! Way to go. Your books are the best.
We are the same age, so keep it up for us 40 somethings..get healthy and the blessings will come.

Kelli Jo said...

Happy birthday, Karen! I hope your day is the best it could be! I didn't dress up for Halloween but my boys were the Grim reaper and Optimus Prime, lol. My oldest loves everything dark and scary about Halloween and I've always felt the same.
As for dreams coming true, I'd really like a little girl of my own. (I sometimes feel lost in this house full of little men, lol.) I just have to get the DH to agree. ;-)

Aimee said...

I hope you are having a wonderful, happy Birthday Karen :)
Yesterday I pretended I was a NASCAR driver, I was zooming in & out of traffic all over town like a pro. In a one-ton dodge pickup no less *snort*
If I could have any dream come true, it is that I do a good enough job as a parent that my girl is smart, disciplined, makes good decisions, and still likes me when she's on her own...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen! I painted my nails pink and went to work in character as Mac ;) apparently the popular girl's costume was a fairy this year because I saw so many. I found this particularly amusing because of who I was pretending to be.

Hope you had a happy halloween and a wonderful birthday!

Joan said...

Happy 'down to the wire'birthday, Karen.

I have SO enjoyed ALL your books and your Fever series are just phenomenal (PLEASE tell us we do not have to wait another year for FaeFever).

All of my dressing up occured last weekend with two parties. I went as a Roman goddess ...Sangria :-) (I went around asking people if they'd seen my pet gladiator VBG)

I will also echo everyone else's good wishes on your recovery and share that a lady I work with who is 43 and who tried for 14 years (fertility the whole she bang) is now pregnant. Joy and delight at her good news is an understatement. Best of luck to you.

Calypso said...

Happy Belated Birthday Karen!

Sarah said...

For Halloween, I was at Sherrilyn Kenyon's K-Con in New Orleans. I dressed as a Dark Hunter. :) I've always loved Halloween, too. There is something magical about Halloween that hangs in the air. Love the new series, and happy belated birthday.


Heather said...

Hi Karen,

Happy birthday!

I spent Halloween pumping up for NaNoWriMo. I'm determined to finish my novel by the end of the month!

If I could make any dream come true it would be to be as great of an author and story teller as you!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day. I finally got BF - pins&needles until FF. even though I enjoyed the Highlander Series (Daegus - wow), the Fever series just blow me away.

Becky said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! I hope it was a good one. Thanks for all the wonderful adventures... can't wait for the next one! Your writing keeps me on the edge of my seat!

Susan St. Thomas said...

Happy 43rd, Karen. Keep the faith! Babies come when they're ready.
I'll totally immersed in the Fever series. It's the best fantasy I've ever read. I never want it to end.

I'm pretending to be the faery godmother of Mac. No problem getting her ready for the ball, but who will be her Prince?
My favorite dream is flying through the air, so I can see the world from another perspective.

Lorien said...

I was the Autumn Queen for Halloween.

I'm loving the Fever series ( I just wish I could make each one last longer than 2 days) and while I wait for the next installment, I'm re-reading all your other books.

I'm also hoping for a baby (we've been trying for 19 months), so I will send you baby thoughts as well.

Shannon said...

Karen! We have the same birthday! Happy Birthday to you and I hope you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Dreams are what we hang on to when we are mired in life. They can provide the head wind as we let our souls soar. Silent prayers and wishes that even more of your precious dreams will com true. OX

Laine said...

I hope you had a great Birthday Karen.

I love the Fever series! I discovered you with the first one. I love the whole theme and the characters! When an author can actually make me sit there and SEE the things playing out in my minds eye, that's talent! You are awesome girl. :)

The Highlander Series is keeping me busy in between and I love those too. Although I'm impatiently iching for the next Fever book already.

Will you shoot me if I still want Barrons & Mac to be an item by the end? I know it's not a romance! Can't help myself though! LOL I'll still love whatever you come up with. I love the tension that sparks between them, they're connected weather they realize it or not.